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History of Weekend Jerky: Weekend Jerky is a renowned company that is manufacturing superior quality crispy beef brisket jerky for its consumers. It is the best beef jerky available in America and is loved by everyone. The firm entered the market in September 2021. Our beef brisket jerky recipe is a secret family recipe that belongs to our founder’s mother....

History of Weekend Jerky:

Weekend Jerky is a renowned company that is manufacturing superior quality crispy beef brisket jerky for its consumers. It is the best beef jerky available in America and is loved by everyone. The firm entered the market in September 2021. Our beef brisket jerky recipe is a secret family recipe that belongs to our founder’s mother. Being a well-traveled Asian American family, the recipe is inspired by flavors from all around the globe. 

Weekend Jerky is America’s #1 jerky selling brand that aims to develop and deliver exclusive beef jerky which satisfies the customers in terms of happiness and taste. Our crispy beef brisket can be a quick go-to snack whenever you are lounging at home, watching a series, or traveling. 




When a food and travel-loving family comes up with the best Beef Jerky recipe, they think about flavors and ingredients from all over the world. Weekend Jerky is made from thinly sliced beef brisket. Some of the fat was left on during their three-year journey to make the best possible jerky. This made the jerky easier and more tasty for them to eat. There are things we don't like when our jaws are sore after eating hard meat for a long time.

People who make weekend jerky always go around the world in search of new flavors and climates. Spices from China and soy from Japan to hickory wood in the U.S. and chili in Mexico are some of the foods that they are drawn to. Weekend jerky's goal is to use those exquisite flavors, along with high-quality ingredients, to make tasty snacks for you. With friends, lovers, and family, Weekend Jerky is meant to be eaten at the same time. During the week, they want everyone around them to feel nostalgic, safe, and excited for the weekend.

Types of beef jerky

Whole muscle sliced beef jerky/fragmented (or ground) beef jerky:

Beef Jerky is classified as:

  • whole muscle sliced beef jerky
  •  fragmented (or ground) beef jerky

Whole muscle sliced beef jerky is firstly sliced thinly, seasoned with salt and spices, and then dried. Whereas, fragmented beef jerky involves grounding meat which is then seasoned. The seasoned meat is then extruded from a jerky gun and then dried to prevent spoilage. Whole muscle sliced beef jerky is preferred more by people because of its rich flavors and taste.


Weekend Jerky is the top brand which is selling whole muscle sliced beef jerky to satisfy the taste buds of the consumers. The thinly muscle-sliced beef jerky is seasoned with adequate spices and salt to produce a wholesome flavor. People can buy crispy beef brisket jerky through our website. (

Tiefenthaler Quality Meats is another famed meat store that deals in whole muscle beef jerky, rib flavored beef jerky, hank’s beef strips, and peppered beef strips that are loved by everyone. People can shop for these consumables through their website. (

Beef Sticks:

Beef sticks are produced by combining beef, water, not less than 2% of sugar, salt, lactic acid, and yeast extracts. It differs from beef jerky because most of the fat content from lean meat is removed from jerky to store for a longer span whereas, beef sticks are developed by chopping and mixing meat.


Bulk Beef Jerky is an online store that deals in a variety of meat products including classic beef jerky, Texas-style beef jerky, natural briskets, and beef sticks. Among all, the beef sticks are their best sellers in the town. They are located in Johnson City and people can also order through their website. (

Jack Links is a company known for its rich recipe and flavorful meat. You can buy their meat stuff online and at two other locations i.e. Minneapolis and Jean, NV. (


Biltong is a type of meat that originated from South African countries such as Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Biltong is a whole meat bar that differs from beef jerky because unlike beef jerky it is first air-dried and cured using various spices and vinegar to prolong its shelf-life. After this, it is cut into bite-size pieces. On the other hand, jerky is first sliced and then dehydrated. Biltong meat is usually fluffy and softer whereas, jerky meat is chewy.

Biltong itself has a very bland taste and is considered the purest form of dried beef. Its flavor is like a finely seasoned steak.


People can obtain fine quality biltong in America through the online store of The Mantry Company. They are known for developing personalized gift boxes and have a wide range of finely seasoned biltong. The company also shares new recipes with its viewers and buyers through the website. (

Bull and Cleaver were introduced in 2015 that produce authentic biltong for its customers. The store is located in Cape Town from where people can buy traditional biltong slabs, chili biltong, and different taster packs. People can also buy from their website. (

Bacon Jerky:

Bacon Jerky is a popular snack of America that is combined with the flavors of different spices, marinara, BBQ seasoning, and maple syrup. It differs from traditional beef jerky because it is only dried or smoked. Many conventional meat stores and online channels are offering bacon jerky in America. Some of the examples are:


Slim Jim is a company from where you can buy hickory smoked and maple-flavored bacon jerky. (

Pork Jerky:

Pork jerky tastes like semi-dried meat with sweet and salty flavors. It has a mild Asian BBQ aroma which is loved by most Americans. 


You can buy pork jerky by Fragrant Jerky which promises the lowest prices for its customers. The company manufactures flavored pork jerky that includes original, sriracha, and black pepper. The company delivers freshly grilled authentic bacon jerky through its website.

Perky Jerky located in Denver is reviewed for scrumptious Pork, Turkey, and beef slices of bacon. You can order a variety of pork jerky from their stores and website. ( combines pork jerky with honey pepper, maple, sriracha, barbeque, and jalapenos to give a wholesome treat for its customers. You can order pork jerky and get vast information about different meat jerky from their website. (

Venison Jerky/Elk jerky/Alligator jerky/buffalo jerky/deer jerky:

Venison jerky is one of the healthiest jerkies for humans made by roasting different parts of meat. It has less fat due to which there is less risk of cardiovascular disorders. Elk, buffalo, and alligator jerky are made by exclusive farm-raised alligators, deers, buffaloes, and elks. The meat is thickly cut and seasoned to perfection without adding preservatives. Different examples from where you can buy these jerky are as follows:


Mountain America Jerky is one of the oldest meat-selling stores in America that deals in all kinds of meat including fish meat, alligator, elk, buffalo, antelope, duck, ostrich, and salmon jerky. Their teriyaki, garlic, and peppered flavor jerky are loved by every American. You can order their handmade jerky from their website. (

Elkusa deals in premium quality meats of buffaloes, elks, and deer. The jerky made is free from nitrates and MSG which it is beneficial for health. People can buy Elkusa’s met by their online store. (

Keto Beef Jerky:

Keto beef jerky is off of the best snack for people who desire to lose their body weight. The requirement for beef jerky to be keto is that it should have 0 grams of carbohydrates and sugars.

At Weekend Jerky we are producing scrumptious whole muscle sliced beef jerky which is optimized and balanced by adding fine amounts of sugars, vegetable proteins, spices, liquid smoke, and salts. Because of the added sugars, the beef jerky is not keto beef jerky. The team behind the Weekend Jerky combines mouth-watering flavors for satisfying the taste-buds of the consumers.

People can buy keto-friendly jerky in America by Jerky Gent ( and People’s Choice Beef Jerky ( 

What is Beef Jerky?

Beef jerky is a thinly trimmed slice of beef that is marinated and dehydrated to prolong its shelf-life. Salt is the major preservative added in the whole muscle-sliced beef jerky at Weekend Jerky. Due to its prolonged shelf-life, it is used as a convenient snack for the buyers of Weekend Jerky.

How long does a beef Jerky last?

Home-made beef jerky is expected to last for one to two months. It is recommended to store beef jerky in an airtight container to prevent spoilage. If beef jerky is dried to a certain moisture level which is officially called "water activity level”, beef jerky cannot go rotten for a long span. However, the taste of freshly manufactured beef jerky is tastier than the older ones. If there is no visible mold growth on the beef jerky it will not make you sick.

Why beef jerky is so expensive?

Beef jerky is quite expensive than other snacks made from potatoes, corn, and flour. This is because raw beef costs are higher. High-cost ingredients are used to remove fat. The drying process also requires a great amount of time and energy. Most of the processing of beef jerky is non-automated. High labor costs increase the costs of the final form of beef jerky. Along with increased animal care, sliced jerky also requires care. 

The nutritional value of beef jerky is almost double the nutritional value of ordinary snacks. This is because beef jerky is expensive at the Weekend Jerky and other suppliers of the market. The average cost of an ounce of beef jerky is $2.08. A pack of beef brisket jerky at the Weekend Jerky costs $15 with a net weight of 2.6 ounces.

The best meat for beef jerky:

Most companies are using eye-round because of its economic benefits. However, the taste of an eye-round jerky is not up to the mark. It is super tough when cooked without tenderness and juiciness. At Weekend Jerky we use the best meat obtained by bottom round, top round, and lifter that produce fine quality cuts necessary for beef jerky. Along with these cuts, Weekend Jerky also uses skirt and flank steak cuts to manufacture first-class beef jerky. These cuts are lean, have fats, and are fullest of flavor as well which retain juiciness in our products.

Typical Beef Jerky Flavors

At Weekend Jerky you can find various flavors such as Salty, Smoky, Spicy, and Sweet. The spice level is maintained at a medium level so that everyone can enjoy it. It tastes like a sweet and spicy treat for its consumers. The flavors are also combined with cayenne pepper, granulated garlic, fish sauce, honey, and apple cider vinegar. You can buy flavorful happiness through our website. (

Peppered beef jerky is made by fresh cracked peppers and has a hot and spicy flavor and has a savory taste. You can buy peppered beef jerky through Mountain America Jerky ( Sports Man Table is another famous online shop to buy peppered beef jerky in America. (

Teriyaki and Spicy beef jerky have a traditional teriyaki flavor with a hot and spicy taste. Spicy beef jerky has a hot taste due to paprika and cayenne peppers. Weekend Jerky and Jack Links are the top brands offering flavors of Teriyaki and different spices in America. ( (

Vietnamese beef jerky flavors like lemongrass and tastes a bit spicy. Number 1 Beef Jerky produces special lemongrass beef jerky with rich Vietnamese flavor. ( 

Korean BBQ beef jerky tastes salty, sweet, and savory because of the presence of brown sugar, and soy sauce. You can buy Korean BBQ-flavored jerky from Jeff Famous jerky. (

Different brands of beef jerky:

There are various boutique jerky brands currently operating in America that are producing top-quality beef jerky for the consumers. Some of them are:

  • Weekend Jerky:
  • Weekend Jerky is America’s #1 Jerky brand. The name Weekend Jerky is specifically selected to make your every day a weekend. Weekend Jerky is a famed brand that is known for delivering and producing thinly sliced, crispy beef brisket that people could enjoy as a snack. People also consume it by mixing with cornbread and simmering it with tomato and marinara sauce ( 

  • Alien Fresh Jerky:
  • Alien Fresh Jerky is known for healthy snacks such as beef jerky, nuts, and dry fruits. The company produces jerky of classic flavors such as Lemon Pepper, Chipotle, Texas-style, Teriyaki, Sweet and spicy jerky. (

  • People Choice Beef Jerky:
  • People can buy keto-friendly jerky in America by People Choice Beef Jerky ( The company was started by several family recipes and is now making original beef jerky, hot and spicy jerky, Lemon con Chile beef jerky, teriyaki, and peppered beef jerky. These flavors are loved by everyone. 

  • New Mexico Beef Jerky:
  • It is a famed restaurant that is offering dine-in, curb-side pick, and call-in facilities for the customers. They are known for their mouth-watering burritos and beef jerky of habanero, teriyaki, lemon, and chili flavors. (

  • Three Jerky Beef Jerky:
  • The company produces tasty jerky combined with tangy and sweet flavors of teriyaki, chipotle, and garlic. Beef jerky by the company is crafted with the finest and purest quality meat. (

  • No Man's Land Beef Jerky:
  • The company was established in 1997 that is now producing quality food including beef sticks and jerky. They use high-quality cuts with low calories to make you healthier. (

    Various beef jerky brands are not USDA-approved. Unlisted beef jerky brands are usually sold through and Mainstream jerky brands are those that can be bought at a big box store. Some other brands of beef jerky are:

  • Costco beef jerky:
  • Costco beef jerky is known for its famous handmade beef and turkey jerky and finely processed jerky sticks. The products are also fat and nitrates free to increase health benefits for the consumers. ( 

  • Kirkland Steak Strips:
  • Kirkland Steak Strips produce 100% Gluten-free and 98% fat-free steak strips and jerky to satisfy the health needs and taste-buds of its customers.

  • Pacific Gold:
  • Pacific Gold is a snack company known for exclusively crafted jerky and pepperoni of different flavors. The company is USDA approved and the meat is marinated for over 24-hours to make a tender bite. (

  • Jack Links:
  • Jack Links is a company through which people can buy superior quality meat products such as jerky, beef sticks, steak bars, and sausages. It is a company known for its old and yummy recipes. (

  • Golden Island:
  • Chefs at the Golden Island combines different Asian flavors through techniques of flame grilling and kettle cooking to produce a wholesome treat for the consumers. The company produces various flavors of beef jerky including kung pao, sriracha, and chili. (

  • Old Trapper:
  • Team Old Trapper manufactures top-quality smoked snacks, beef sticks, and beef jerky. Old Trapper serves its customers with zero sugar jerky, old-fashioned, and teriyaki jerky. (

  • Oberto:
  • The company was established a century ago and today has made a huge name in the market of snacks including sausages, jerky, Italian Charcuterie, and chicken breasts. They are called meat specialists in America. (

  • Country Archer:
  • The company aims for 100% grass-fed beef and antibiotic-free pork. The company uses 100% natural ingredients without added preservatives, nitrates, and MSG. (

  • Krave Jerky:
  • The company produces jerky of different flavors such as BBQ, Southwest hatch Chile, Ginger, and chipotle. (

  • Slim Jim:
  • Slim Jim is a company from where you can buy hickory smoked and maple-flavored bacon jerky along with premium quality beef sticks. (

  • Epic Jerky:
  • The company deals in the finest quality meat products such as bone broth, pork skins, chicken strips, jerky, and beef sticks. The company offers a variety of packs that combines various flavors of jerky and rinds to satisfy the cravings. (

  • Wild Bills Beef Jerky:
  • The company claims to produce the best beef jerky in the region of Mississippi. It was initiated in 1955 as a small-scale butcher shop that is now producing meat products such as bacon jerky, beef jerky, and pork bites. (

  • Tillamook beef jerky:
  • The company makes gourmet snacks and meat products including zero sugar jerky, smoked sausages, and beef sticks. The company uses real hardwood smoke to produce top-quality flavors for its products. (

  • Mingua Beef Jerky:
  • Mingua beef jerky is located in Kentucky. The company uses 100% organic ingredients to produce flavors including hot beef jerky, garlic jerky, and Cajun beef jerky. (

  • Perky Jerky:
  • Perky Jerky located in Denver is reviewed for scrumptious Pork, Turkey, and beef kinds of bacon. People love their Asian Inspired 5 Spices Pork Jerky, Maple Pork Jerky, and coconut curry pork jerky. (

  • Wicked cutz beef jerky:
  • The company produces fine-quality protein snacks and promises extreme tenderness for its meat products. Italian beef and chees sticks, and Carolina Killa Beef sticks are their best sellers. (

  • Think Beef Jerky:
  • The company has a team of master chefs who use 100% natural ingredients for the products. The products are preservative-free, antibiotic-free, and gluten-free. You can shop a variety of pack sticks, beef, and turkey jerky from the company.

    Health benefits of beef jerky

    Beef jerky is a rich source of essential proteins, vitamins (B12), and minerals including iron, zinc, and folate. Having jerky is also safe and nutritious during pregnancy because it is dried at low temperatures and is a source of folate which itself is necessary for the development of follicles. It is a great source of protein and has all 20 essential amino acids which are necessary for a baby’s development. It is a good source of iron as well which helps in a baby's brain development.

    Beef jerky has high protein content and low carbs which can be a good source of weight loss and for maintaining sound health status. 

    Your pets including dogs can have beef jerky because it is a yummy treat for the dogs and is a high source of protein. As a result, it is a healthy diet for your pets including dogs.

    At Weekend Jerky we are making delicious spicy and BBQ flavored whole muscle briskets which can be an ultimate treat for spice seekers. The recipe is generated by combining flavors from around the world including Osaka, and China. We at Weekend Jerky aim to make a flavorful adventure for our customers so that they can enjoy healthy snacks every time. 

    Love the Weekend. Love jerky