To all the food adventurers, bbq-brisket-loving,
spice seekers who snack before dinner and wait
in line at restaurants:

Weekend Jerky
is made for you.



Our inspiration comes from flavors around the world.



Our recipe is created by a food and travel-obsessed family inspired by flavors and quality ingredients from around the world. Weekend Jerky is proudly made from thinly sliced premium beef brisket. While on our 3-year voyage of perfecting our jerky, we discovered that leaving some of the fat on makes it easier and tastier to eat. We hate when our jaw gets tired from chewing on tough meat.

True to food culture, we constantly travel across the globe in search of unique flavors that different regions and climates bring. From spices of China and soy from Japan to hickory wood from the US and chili from Mexico, we are inspired by the farmers and purveyors of these foods. Our mission is to use those exquisite flavors, combined with quality ingredients, to bring you delicious snacks.

Weekend Jerky is meant to be enjoyed with friends, lovers and family. We want to share in the feeling of nostalgia, comfort and anticipation for the weekend, everyday. 

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